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Real Selling Sales Training works with sales teams and sales professionals in the UK and internationally to deliver effective and proven sales training to improve their sales results with our clients not only seeing an immediate improvements in sales performance but also a sustained typical average of 12.8% increase in sales.  

We deliver practical and easy to apply sales training focused around real sales scenarios and selling situations, we will train your sales people to:

  • Use their sales time more productively
  • To avoid selling on price
  • To close profitable business
  • To create and communicate greater value
  • To structure successful sales appointments
  • To ensure their clients come back to them
  • To ask intelligent and engaging questions
  • To generate sales leads through cold calling and prospecting

Put simply, we are committed to providing real selling solutions for real selling situations.


Our Sales Training and Development Solutions

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Selected Forthcoming Sales Training Courses - New Dates Added

Cold Calling Skills Manchester 25th Nov find out more about this essential sales training course book this sales training course now 4 Places Remaining
Real Sales Skills London 9th-10th Dec find out more about this essential sales training course book this sales training course now 2 Places Remaining
Essential Sales Skills London 16th Dec find out more about this essential sales training course book this sales training course now 3 Places Remaining
Cold Calling Skills London 20th Jan 2015 find out more about this essential sales training course book this sales training course now 2 Places Remaining

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Real Selling -Latest Blog Articles

What is the best way to handle a price objection?

This is one question that I get asked a lot by sale people and it’s an objection that many sales people encounter reasonably regularly, in most cases the price its self is not the issue the issue usually comes down to these three main causes 

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20 Sales books you should read during your sales career

We are often asked by sales people if we can recommend a sales book to help them to increase their learning, over the next few weeks myself and Bo will be sharing our top 10 sales books that sales people should read (and keep reading) during their sales career, we have compiled a list of 20 of our favourite sales books we have read and books that have had an influence on our selling, the list is not ranked in any order of preference or popularity as we feel they have all been beneficial in their own way in our careers.

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When is the best time to make a sales call?

I recently received this question from a delegate Sarah Fowling, thanks for emailing me this question Sarah, timing when it comes to sales calls is a subject that there seems to be so many answers for there are many recommendations for good and bad times to call, however, I can answer this very easily, in my experience there is no good or bad time to make a call. Certainly being successful with your sales calls has a lot to do with timing but I just don’t think that anyone can simply say that there is an optimum time for calls

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Is there ever a wrong person within the sales process? NEW POST

I’m always being asked how do I get in front of more decision makers when I’m selling?

Whilst having direct access to as many decision makers as we can is the ideal scenario this isn’t always possible, if we really looked at our own sales how often do we actually get access to the overall decision maker and when we can’t get access to a decision maker who are we dealing with?

Now I know that this is going to create a reaction with some people and some are going to disagree with what I am saying but from my experience the people we encounter fall into two categories

Real full blog article

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